Monday, December 9, 2013

Turning cabin fever into a cardio party

Somehow, we're living out the last days of 2013. I've been shut in my apartment since Thursday night, thanks to what people have deemed the Dallas "IcePocalypse." The powers that be cancelled four of my classes (that I teach), and so Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shamefully went by without a workout.
Across the street from my parents' house. They had no power from 4AM Friday-9P Saturday, aka NO HEAT in 28 degree weather, so Papa and I had a day of fun (lunch, watched "Charade" and Demetri Martin's 2008 special, and dinner). He was all alone, since my mom's been stranded in NYC.

If the gym deemed the driving conditions too unfavorable to hold classes, then it made no sense for me to muster the strength and courage (read: balls) to get in my car and drive there for my own workout.
I've missed these babies. Fingers crossed the show goes on tonight at 7P at my new (as of Nov.), 2nd spin gig

Luckily, I moved more than 2 months ago from a shiteous apt complex with a joke of a gym (1 broken treadmill, 1 broken TV, and a questionable weights machine), to one that's got a much more substantial fitness center, just downstairs (and so many other amenities that the other place didn't have, like regular running water, respectful neighbors, parking for me/my friends/family, etc. etc. etc.).

So yesterday, I was feeling especially cooped up and guilty from not working out for 3 days, so I put in my contacts, changed from my IceDayWeekend sweats into (several layers of) workout clothes (and UGGS for good measure, because thanks to the apt complex design, there are lots of open air walkways, and some ice and snow accumulated on the SkyWalk from my side of the bldg. to the wing with the gym), and started a CardioParty.
My view for most of Friday-Sunday AM

I couldn't find my headphones for the life of me, and didn't want to have to go to my car to search for them, so I waited for the other exerciser to leave before turning my phone tunes full blast for me, myself, and I. About 15 minutes in to my hour-long run/jog/hill climb, another exerciser came in, so I turned my volume down substantially after he put in headphones. I needed my Jock Jams and Quad City DJs pump-up jam to keep me going on the g.d. dreadmill.

After my 60 minutes were through, I decided I needed to pump some iron, and remembered that I had a few songs used in BodyPump on my phone. I went through 1 chest and 2 tricep songs, and did a minimal CXWORX resistance band stretch, and a little bit of lungework, and then went on my merry way, back upstairs to the heat of my apartment.

Cut to about 4 hours later... I can barely move. Spinning tightens the heck out of your quads and IT bands, and whenever I decide (or am forced to, thanks to Mother Nature) to treadmill it out, I'm always crippled a few hours to a few days later in said areas. Thankfully, I have a seafoam green foam roller (see what I did there) at home, so I spent about 20 minutes rolling out my quads while watching Giuliana & Bill on Netflix. Time well spent.
Foam roll it OUT. World of pain. SO NECESSARY.

My back/shoulders are also giving me grief, and I can never find the right foam roller exercise to roll those out. There's one that's supremely awkward, and not intuitive that helps a little: you lie on one side, and put the foam roller under your armpit, and rock back and forth. Somehow, due to the laws of medicine and anatomy, rolling out the armpit speaks to tense shoulders. I'll take it.

The roads are still icy as heck, and I'm too scared to drive on them, so I'm handling the first few hours of work from home, and heading in to the office around noon. Hopefully, road conditions will allow me to teach tonight's regularly scheduled 7P spin class, since the 6A class I'm subbing all month was cancelled for this morning.

Dallas, you're killing me.

Generally speaking, unless you're in LA (like I was from 2005-2008 for college), winter can be a real bitch. You can go for days/weeks/months living in the light, eating- and fitness-wise, and then all it takes is several days of being forced to stay inside to knock you from the straight and narrow path.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, as they say, so find some indoor workouts that work for you. If your apartment doesn't have a decent gym, find some weights or abs workouts online that you can do from the comfort of your home, or find some DVDs, like my personal favorite, Body By Bethenny Yoga. It's something, and that's the key thing.

Doing something is always far better than doing nothing.

Keep your house stocked with good things, especially good things that aren't perishable, like frozen unsweetened fruit to make unsweetened almond milk smoothies, my favorite PB2 (powdered peanut butter), or packets of oatmeal from brands that don't load the oats with fake sweeteners or other crap (I SEE YOU, SUCRALOSE).
Kick-ass low cal smoothie: Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, 1 tbsp. PB2, and frozen raspberries (unsweetened)

And if you can drive/walk/run/take public transport, get thee to the gym. If you're burned out on your routine, try shaking things up with a new class, like a pilates reformer class (ouch), FlyBarre, or whatever else is available in your neck of the woods. Groupon has been offering tons of deals lately for barre and yoga classes, and a good deal is a great motivator.
Try something new! I absolutely love FlyBarre. I just wish I could go to the classes - schedule never works w/ mine. I'm planning to make barre happen over Xmas.

Quite literally in Dallas, it's a slippery slope, and figuratively too, once you skip one workout, it's so easy to skip a second, a third, and a fourth. Sometimes, shit just happens, but put together a plan of attack, and strap on your shoes, and just get moving.

PS Sign up for Move Your Booty motivational emails if you need some extra words to get you off your butt and into the gym. And join me in the MYB December x 22 challenge! You just have to log 22 workouts (whatever that means to you) in the month of December.

PPS How much do we love Guiliana and Bill? I watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix this weekend. Bill is so...dreamy.

Godspeed and good luck,
xoxo Stel

Monday, October 21, 2013

make this now.

My blender may be on its last legs, but I'm down with smoothies (skinnied up ones, that is) these days, and you should be, too.

Here's one I made for lunch today:
1 cup Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (30 calories)
1 heaping tablespoon Libby's canned Pure Pumpkin (5 calories. NO JOKE)
1 tablespoon PB2 Chocolate Powdered Peanut Butter (23 calories)
1/2 c ice
Total calories: 58

Are you kidding me right now? Insanity.

Unsweetened Almond Milk is the BOIMB.

My favorite smoothie essential is frozen, sliced banana. Throw in the equivalent of a sliced banana into your blender, after first, unsweetened almond milk, and then add some PB2, and go. The frozen banana can act as your ice so you don't risk watering down your smoothie, or overworking your blender.

Incredibly low fat. Incredibly filling.

Not all smoothies are created equal. If you're on a fitness quest, avoid Jamba Juice and the like AT ALL COSTS, and stick to making 1-minute smoothies on your own, at home. Stock up on fresh (not frozen) fruits, and fun add-ons like Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (5 calories for a tablespoon, or something crazy like that) or PB2 (I can go on for days about my love for this stuff), and GO.

It sure beats cereal or any high-carb, high-calorie, NOT filling breakfast out there.

Here are some other awesome go-to's that I'm loving right now:
GoodPop® popsicles: I'm a BIG fan of the Banana Cinnamon, Watermelon, and Coffee flavors. In Dallas, you can find them at Whole Foods or Central Market.

Mom Made Turkey Meatball Bites: I love throwing these into my faux pasta (Broccoli Slaw with some tomato sauce). It really makes it feel like I'm eating legit spaghetti and meatballs. I've found these from time to time at Central Market.

behold the broccoli slaw. FAUX pasta.

Mom Made Chicken Apple Meatball Bites: Same deal re: Turkey Meatball Bites.

I'm off to go get some clean foods for the week, and seriously, seriously, seriously get my act together to lose the little bit of excess weight I've put on for various, stupid reasons. It happens.

Just recognize the problem, and fight back...before it becomes out of reach.


Monday, October 14, 2013

new look. new life. new workouts.

Just when you think you can't go anymore, keep going.

When I woke up this morning, I didn't feel like myself. I didn't feel like I could physically get myself to put on clothes, get washed and ready, paint my face, walk out the door, and drive the 15 minute ride to work. I just couldn't.

So I "worked from home," monitoring and responding to emails, and mostly, taking it easy. Aside from tonight.

My normal work (read: job 1, not the one on the bike) hours start as early as just before 8AM, or as late as 8:29:59, and the earliest I can actually shut things down for the day is 5:30 (and let's be real. It's advertising. It's brand management. An 8:30-5:30 day is a rare and beautiful thing). My gym is not far from work, distance-wise, but in rush hour traffic, it can take up to 45 minutes to get there, and snag a parking space (not just a good one, but one at all). So being able to attend classes that start earlier than 7PM is impossible, and sometimes even making a 7PM class isn't doable.

Since I found myself at home today, I checked the Gold's schedule online, and decided to set a calendar reminder for 5:30 for a 90-minute cycle class. Not RPM, but a full hour and a half of spinning. Since they started doing repairs and renovations on the roof at Gold's about a month ago, they haven't been able to get the air or A/C quite right in the cycle studio, and couple that with my unusually present exercise-induced asthma makes for quite the challenge, on top of the actual workout. Toward the end of class, I really didn't think I was going to be able to make it, but then, the cool down song came on. And not a moment too soon.

On top of that, my cycling shoes are bunk right now, and I felt really insecure (literally) when doing standing climbs, so immediately after class, I drove to Performance Bike to 1) replace my cleats that have made it through three pairs of shoes and exactly one year, and 2) to buy a second pair of shoes to have as a backup. Today happened to be the last day of their sale, so it was perfect timing.

We launch RPM 60 in two days, and it's one hell of a release. Faster than ever. Harder than ever. So you can get better and stronger. Cut to this design I made for the shirts that my mentor and I are going to wear Wednesday.

I know the A/C won't be fixed in time. I know it's a safe bet my exercise-induced asthma won't be much better. But I know that with launches, I tend to get an extra dose of adrenaline, so let's hope and pray that it gets me through, and that I survive all 9 tracks.

I'm not thrilled with where I'm currently at physically, but I'm taking control (AGAIN) and working to close out the year better than where I'm at now. It's all about changing up the challenges (when your body has all the answers, you must change the questions).

In the past few months, I challenged myself weekly by adding a pilates reformer class into the mix. And oh my GOD. They're incredibly painful and challenging, especially if your main weakness is your entire core. If you're not good at planks, that will become painfully evident in a reformer class. Especially if you have a lot of fear, like me.

I definitely recommend both BEYOND Pilates and BodyBar Dallas if you want to give the reformer thing a try. The instructors will push you, but they will also correct you to ensure you get the right form well before the move is over, and they also have awesome music to get you through.

And for a complete change of pace, I tried out FlyBarre during Flywheel's Plano Open House a few weeks ago. Lucky for me, I got to take a class led by Master Instructor from NYC, Kara Liotta. She's got a body (ABS) that will not quit, and she's the literal Flywheel poster child (on the main page of their site and in studios. She's a fitness model.), and damn, do I need to put in MAJOR WORK to ever get my body in that kind of shape. ASPIRATIONAL.

I definitely loved FlyBarre 10000000x more than the reformer classes, just because I wasn't fighting against a machine with pulleys and boxes and nonstop PLANKS. Rest assured, there was some planking in FlyBarre, but the dynamic arms sequence and the rest of the varied movements and awesome music in class, as well as Kara's motivating, made this class the best out of all of the new ones I've tried lately.

I also got to FINALLY meet Flywheel NYC's Ryan Makely. He was INCREDIBLE and awesome, and I loved every single minute of his FLY45.

(OH, and biggest news of all this month, is that I FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY moved into bigger, better, greener pastures. And not a moment too soon.)

I've set the goals.
I've done this before (This year. For someone else's wedding!).
So I can certainly do it again.

Love handles, BE GONE. There's nothing to *love* about you.

Here's to closing out 2013 FITTER, flatter, firmer, and stronger than ever before.

xoxo, stel

Friday, August 9, 2013

counting calories, and making calories count

it's one thing to count calories, and it's quite another to make calories count.

since I've gained some weight back since mybestfriend'swedding, and i'm supremely bummed about it, I took a cold, hard look in the mirror, and at my LoseIt log (or lack thereof).

why did I fall apart?

I stopped logging calories for a few months. BIG problem.
I was less strict about my intake. BIGGER problem. (no pun intended)
I let OTHER people's (and some of my own) problems get to me, and apparently stress-ate the pain away.
and, the definition of insanity, I was doing the same thing every class in BodyPump weight-wise, and expecting different results.

last thursday, I barely broke a sweat in bodypump, so I realized it was time to literally shake things up.

on tuesday, I added more weight on every track, and both felt and sweat the difference. I followed through yesterday, too. and i'll continue to add on as I keep making myself go 2x/week, in addition to my 4-5x/week of RPM (either teaching, practicing, or riding in other classes)

I've also completely rethought my eating habits and strategy, and also changed up my goal plan on LoseIt and myfitnesspal.

i'm now limited to 1,300 or so calories a day (I used to be at 1,500 or so).

I can't wait to weigh in sunday and see if a week's changes have made any difference.

SLOW AND STEADY wins the race.

this is no diet. it's a lifestyle change.

and keep in mind: it took time to put ON the weight, so in turn, it takes time to take it off.

I don't have a dress to scare me into losing weight this time around, but I do have a scary milestone coming up in 7 months (and 2 days): my twentyseventh birthday.

so arbitrarily, my end goal is to be down 27 lbs (in total since I started this thing in july 2011) by my 27th birthday (march 11)

let's see how this goes.

it doesn't matter if you fall/stumble/trip up. it will happen.

what matters MORE is your next move/plan of attack. recognize the issues. identify them. and annihilate them.

it's going to take time.
it's going to be hard.

but remember what it felt like when you hit those little victories.

for me, all it took was going back through my weight progress charts on LoseIt, and going through my agenda to see my notes of milestone weigh-ins.

I've got about... 16 lbs to go to get to my birthday goal, and about 10 to go to get to my original goal that I got within 1 lb of back in February.

it's time to get back in gear. and I can't wait.

in solidarity,


here's where I was a few months ago, and where I need to be.
that's me in the black, 2nd from left. 1 week after RPM instructor training.

3rd from right, black tank. RPM instructor training, after passing :) and at my skinniest.
PRACTICING for RPM instructor training, new year's eve. let's get back to this...

p.s. if you're curious what i'm eating, add me on LoseIt or myfitnesspal. i'm a wide open book.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

august workout challenge

I've talked about moveyourbooty before.

here's your chance to easily join.

I made a "team" for august for the stelebrity fit club.

join me!!!

the challenge? log 22 workouts in august.
I logged 30 in july.

YOU CAN DO IT. so let's.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

insanity, defined

insanity: doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.
shout out to track 2 of rpm 59, "numb" by usher, where he so graciously references this:
Keep on doing the same old thing, And you expecting change. Well is that really insanity? Or just a loser's game?


we all know it. we all recognize that fact, but, we somehow get frustrated when we don't see changes in our body, or on the scale, when we haven't changed a single thing.

so that time I lost a lot of weight, kept it off, loved life...and then somehow gained some back in the past few months or so.

there's really no surprise. for me, I absolutely have to log everything I eat, and every workout I do. if I just eat with abandon, I will gain weight. if I don't workout every day, I gain weight. it's frustrating, but it's the life I lead.

pro-tip: just because you're exercising more or harder doesn't give you a free pass at eating.
I think my weight gain stemmed from my increased teaching schedule/exhaustion and stress from other things in my personal life/hearing about bad things happening to my friends and letting that impact me. they say that increasing your activity level also increases your appetite. and they are correct. it's really annoying. but you just have to exert some self-control/get-a-grip-ness, and all will be okay.

so when you fall of track, the most important thing is determining and taking your next step. recognize the issue (for me, having my skinnier pants being tough to button is a major motivation), and plan your attack.

my major issues? dessert after dinner (always wanting it, and eating too much), and breakfast.

so here's what I've done:
when I wake up, i'm usually famished, or so tired that i just start eating things without thinking.

so instead of portioned cereal/light waffles/clif bar (read: candy), I started making awesome smoothies with unsweetened almond milk. these are INCREDIBLY filling, low calorie, low fat, and super fast to make. they're great for the girl (or guy) on-the-go.

here's what I do:
2 tbsp. chocolate (or regular) PB2 (45 calories, 1.5 g fat. NO FAKE CRAP. I think this is an incredible swap for peanut butter. find it at central market or whole foods)
1-2 cups chocolate/vanilla/coconut unsweetened almond breeze almond milk (1 cup of any of those is only 30-45 calories)
fruit of choice (either 1 small banana, sliced, or sliced strawberries or raspberries)

my smoothie this morning only set me back 180 calories (for 2 tbsp. chocolate PB2, 1 c coconut almond unsweetened almond breeze, and 1 small banana).

i think that's fair, and a far better, lighter way to start the day.

this works great for dessert too. i used to find myself eating a variety of things for dessert, like light popcorn, followed by fruit, followed by chocolate chips (GET THEE OUT OF MY PANTRY/life and into the garbage), so i find that throwing a bunch of great things into a blender for not that many calories is a better swap.

or these guys:

85 calorie bars by arctic zero. with NO fake crap. i'm anti splenda/truvia, etc. they flavor these with monk fruit. they are also non-dairy, which works great for my lactose-intolerance.


done my way. without ANY oil/butter/fat. because I can't. and because who needs it?

done this way:
-preheat oven to 400
-get out some foil.
-put some bagged spinach on said foil.
-place a piece of fish on said foil (I've done cod, some kind of monk fish, and going to do salmon tonight)
-salt, pepper, lemon juice the fish.
-fold the foil around the fish so you have a sort of foil pack.
-put in oven for 20-25 minutes, or until the white fish is opaque.

fish is incredibly low calorie and filling. I was so scared to try something new (I NEVER ever cook any sort of meat/fish/poultry because it freaks me out), and I was so amazed with how it turned out.

try something new. you might just find your new go-to or favorite.

and on my current oh-no-no list?
-clif bars (GET THE F OUTTA HERE)
-chocolate chips
-any sort of baked goods, no matter how much I doctor them to be healthy. they just need to be out of my face/life
-chips at mexi restaurants (I went sunday, and somehow managed to successfully not eat ONE. and got scrambled eggs w/ some beans and a littttle bit of rice and salad. that's how you do it. I felt like Buddha.)
-cereal of any kind
-waffles (I don't care if they're "light," we're cutting these babies out)
-FROZEN YOGURT. those self-serve places are a-holes. the "small" cups are out of control.

if you go to tasti d-lite, have them make you one. then you have no way of going overboard. lightly top it with sprinkles or fruit, and you're golden. or if you must serve yourself, ask the person behind the counter for a SMALL cup. #portioncontrol, y'all!

i dare you to start logging your daily food intake. for at least one day. you might be surprised at what you're eating on a daily basis, and you'll be able to easily see where you could cut back/make changes.

the buck stops here, and i can't wait to be (back) where i want to be.

the time is now to finish 2013 lighter than i started.

(feel free to add me on LoseIt and myfitnesspal to see my full diary)

best of luck to you. this is one hell of a journey, and it works best when you are honest with yourself, and hold yourself accountable.

if you bite it, write it.


Monday, July 1, 2013

rabbit | rabbit and 2-year flab2fab anniversary

happy july!

i'm not entirely sure how we got here. i'm already panicking about what i'm going to do for new year's eve because let's face it, it's around the corner (and also because i work in advertising, and we're already behind on things that are in market in september. that's why my mindset is always so far ahead)

a few things:
1. it's our party, we can do what we want.
2. mike will made it.
3. don't forget to give yourself a day off.

i'm TERRIBLE at number 3. tonight, i took a much-needed break from working out, but of course, feel supremely guilty about it.

but when i endured some SERIOUS and regular quad SPASMS and calf soreness tuesday after pounding the (treadmill) pavement on monday for the first time since february, i figured something had to give.

here's what last week's workouts looked like (7 of 7 days, and this isn't extraordinary for me. the minimum i do is 5, and i feel TERRIBLE about myself when i do that. six is the least i'd like to do, and i usually end up doing seven of seven. and that's why my body tends to fall apart. oops.)

and i couldn't take a day off because i had to teach twice wednesday by myself, had a FLY45 class thursday, needed to practice the newest rpm release friday (because we launch in 2 weeks from wednesday!), and would be teaching saturday and sunday.

lather, rinse, repeat.

so today would have to be the day off.

in past days off, i've been bad and haven't thought about resetting the eating game, adjusting for no calorie deficit, but today, i was good about it and made good choices at breakfast/lunch/snackies/dinner.

that's what you have to do. it's all about balance. if you don't work out, you sure as shit shouldn't eat over your daily allotted calories (mine are dictated by both LoseIt and myfitnesspal)

because frustratingly, it's true, what they say, that...
weight loss is EIGHTY PERCENT diet, and only twenty percent exercise.

think about that.

and an hour of working out doesn't mean you can eat an extra 500 calories that day.

i try to stick to the daily allotted calories, and not go over that, no matter how many estimated calories i burn. jury and science are out on that, but that has seemed to work for me in the past 2 years i've done this whole flab2fab thing.

i haven't gotten on the scale in 2 weeks, but i know that i look and feel a heck of a lot different than i did this time in 2011.

so there's that.

and i really wish i had done the smart thing of taking down my measurements at the start of this thing, because inches typically tell a richer story than lbs lost.

i'm far from where i want to be, but overall, i'm happy with where i'm going on this lifestyle quest.

it's a journey, not a destination. there are ups, and downs, and it's definitely an uphill battle.

as long as you keep yourself accountable (sign up for the MYB challenge! start a fitclub with friends!), and in check, and recognize the small wins along the way, you have no option but to succeed.

and here's some chronological photographic evidence of my evolution, because i tend to forget.
2011: flab2fab
2012: toneitandOWNit (started group fitness in june, and got on the crazy RPM instructor train)
2013: 2013MACHINE

w party, january 2010 (that's me on the right)

me on the left in san francisco (december 2010)

february 2011 (super bowl in dallas - us at dane cook. i'm second from R)

early 2011 (me on the L)
new year's day, 2013. cardio party, y'all! getting ready for RPM instructor training

january 2013, one weekend after RPM instructor training (2nd from left, and down 22 lbs from july 2011!)

february 2013 - my bestfriend stephanie's bachelorette weekend in phx (me on R- remember, the diet jump start was for the bridesmaid dress i had to wear in her wedding. thanks babygirl for the much needed nudge!!)

april 2013. stephanie's wedding. 2nd from R.

i did (and still do) this for myself (and i mainly did it for a dress).

don't do it for anyone else. don't you dare.

in love and solidarity,



some tuneage for your earholes (check my latest spotify playlist here):
must be the love - original mix (arty, nadia ali, BT)
as your friend - nause remix (afrojack, chris brown)
summertime sadness (ibiza sessions 2013 edit) [cedric gervais remix] (lana del rey) - and i am NO lana fan, but this one is the shit
we can't stop (miley cyrus)
set me free - feel my pain (charli xcx)
put the gun down (zz ward)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


one year ago today, I put on my big girl pants, and got a goddamn grip, and faced all of my fears... and with a lot of hand-holding from my friend brittani, I took my first-ever group fitness class.

(here's where i first wrote about this in "something BIG has happened" on my other blarg, KWAK)

and not just *any* group fitness class, but les mills BODYPUMP.

about 2 months later, i decided to give RPM a...spin (on 8/29/12) and found myself on a bike 5x/week, and pumping iron to music for 50 minutes the other 2 days of the week.

and seven months from my first class, i found myself at RPM instructor training. (spoiler alert: i passed)

and today it's only fitting that i'm taking the instructor stage solo not once, but twice (and without a working mic - at least it wasn't this AM...we'll see about tonight. #instructorproblems)

as of this week, i'm now teaching up to 4x/week (typically 3, with a 4th every now and then), and that ain't too shabby:
wednesdays 6A/sometimes 7P
saturdays at 9A
sundays at 1030A

i think the flap on my les mills folder from training says it all:

millions of people every week, in more than 13,000 clubs in over 75 countries, will put aside whatever else is happening in their lives and lose themselves for an hour in the pure exhilaration of a les mills group fitness class.

they'll shout and they'll sweat, and they'll leave feeling incredible.

and tomorrow they'll bring their friends.
(i have, and continue to do so)

kia kaha. one team. one tribe.


i'll leave you with some of my favorite fitspiration (more on my pinterest)

Monday, June 24, 2013

up and down

woke up feeling super weird, so I stayed home from work and ended up sleeping almost the entire day. 

and eating game wasn't on track, so I got my shit together, put on workout clothes, and headed to the Gold's by the only trader joe's in dallas (well, Plano)

I wasn't planning to spin, but figured I would give the new release (RPM 59) a...spin with my sneaks and no notes. it took trying three bikes to find one that wasn't horribly off resistance-wise and comfortable enough to connect with sans cycling shoes, but then I was IN IT. man oh man, do cycling shoes make a MAJOR difference. 

after about 40 minutes of in the dark practice, I made my way to the cardio theater and found the only open treadmill (it was gym rush hour, at 6P by this time) and braced myself for my first jog/run since february. I didn't let up until I hit the distance of a 5K and then slowed down a bit for water and to give my achy legs a break (they had spun, after all). 

after almost two solid hours of cardio, I took my sweaty self to TJ and stocked up on healthy things (snap peas, snow peas, three bags of lettuce, raspberries, strawberries, egg beaters, 0% greek yogurt, apples, jarred bruschetta - 20 calories for 2 tbsp to be used as a sauce for broccoli slaw, coconut oil spray - much better than Pam and 0 calories AND cheap! And some bottle unsweetened green tea and sparkling lime mineral water). For only $40. Are you kidding me?!

AMAZING. and well worth the trip. 

now I've got my lunch for tomorrow - broccoli slaw "faux pasta" with a spoonful or two of the jarred bruschetta. Incredible. 


again, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

so happy I got back to pounding (treadmill) pavement and back on track with the contents of my fridge. 

take the 5-10 minutes of extra effort to help you make better choices, day in and out. 


Sunday, June 23, 2013

workout week

what's up this week, workout-wise?

monday: practice for teaching RPM this week and run-through the new release (rpm 59, that we launch 7/16-7/18) without notes, for about 2 hours 

tuesday: 60-minute bodypump class, run through wednesday class chory notes

wednesday: teaching twice solo - 6A and 7P, and then taking 30-minutes' worth of CXWORX at 805P

thursday: free FLY45 class at 630P, thanks to REELFX

friday: practice RPM for sunday/run on treadmill possibly (need to get back to the place where I want to train for a 5k)

saturday: take 50 minute RPM class (I'm going to be switching off/team teaching/subbing this class starting Next week! love the riders and the other instructor, so this is a fun opportunity. I've already subbed/team taught since January, but it's becoming official next week)

sunday: teaching my 1030A 50-minute RPM class. hoping for a repeat of my biggest class to date that I had today (18 riders! only two open bikes!)

lather, rinse, repeat. 

if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 


Friday, June 21, 2013

friday bonus: music for your earholes. so you can get moving.

music is everything, so here are some treats for your earholes/waistline so you can WERK while you work out.

body pump 83-85 (the most recent releases)

my favorite BP instructor's favorite tracks

Cristin's FLYWHEEL D Magazine Workout Mix (and here's a link to the story. i'm ALL about FLYWHEEL sports, and going tomorrow at 1030A with three first-timers!)

your first ride is FREE: just make an account online, and reserve your bike. use my link to sign up!

RPM 56-59 (latest RPM releases. we launch 59 starting 7.16!)

RPM/FLYwheel tunes (a collection of everything I've heard/spun to in RPM/flywheel classes)

CXWORX (my new add-on to workout wednesdays: 6A and 7P RPM, then 30 minutes of annihilating your core to good music, with a resistance band, a mat, an optional weight, and your body)



friday FITspiration

next wednesday will be my 1-year les mills anniversary. a year ago (wednesday), I got a grip, and decided to listen to my friend brittani and give BODYPUMP a try. she had done it for years, and in my 4 years of knowing her, she has never, ever led me astray. so I put my insecurities aside, and loaded up my barbell with her by my side.

I struggled with the weight. with the terminology (down 2, drop and hold, clean and press) and the technique. the next day, I was sore in ways and places I didn't think were possible. 

but I was hooked, and soon after, found myself devoting my tuesday and thursday nights to the 60-minute weight lifting/cardio party that is les mills' BODYPUMP (and getting other friends to join too!)

since I loved BP so much and started to see results pretty quickly, I decided to try out something called RPM one fateful wednesday night (8/29/12). the rest, as they say, is history (biology). 

I used to be a cardio junkie. you could find me at golds late at night on an arctrainer or elliptical for hours at a time 5-7x/week. I was too afraid to workout with a group. it took me three years of being a member at golds to even get the courage to walk into a class. but I'm so glad I did, and that brittani pushed me into something that has become one of my favorite addictions. 

shake up your routine. try something new. bring a friend with you (accountability is an excellent thing). check out your gym's group exercise schedule. free classes are an oft forgotten benefit of monthly gym memberships, so take advantage.
you may be on to something great. but you won't know until you try. 

do one thing a day that scares you.