Friday, June 21, 2013

friday bonus: music for your earholes. so you can get moving.

music is everything, so here are some treats for your earholes/waistline so you can WERK while you work out.

body pump 83-85 (the most recent releases)

my favorite BP instructor's favorite tracks

Cristin's FLYWHEEL D Magazine Workout Mix (and here's a link to the story. i'm ALL about FLYWHEEL sports, and going tomorrow at 1030A with three first-timers!)

your first ride is FREE: just make an account online, and reserve your bike. use my link to sign up!

RPM 56-59 (latest RPM releases. we launch 59 starting 7.16!)

RPM/FLYwheel tunes (a collection of everything I've heard/spun to in RPM/flywheel classes)

CXWORX (my new add-on to workout wednesdays: 6A and 7P RPM, then 30 minutes of annihilating your core to good music, with a resistance band, a mat, an optional weight, and your body)



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