Monday, June 24, 2013

up and down

woke up feeling super weird, so I stayed home from work and ended up sleeping almost the entire day. 

and eating game wasn't on track, so I got my shit together, put on workout clothes, and headed to the Gold's by the only trader joe's in dallas (well, Plano)

I wasn't planning to spin, but figured I would give the new release (RPM 59) a...spin with my sneaks and no notes. it took trying three bikes to find one that wasn't horribly off resistance-wise and comfortable enough to connect with sans cycling shoes, but then I was IN IT. man oh man, do cycling shoes make a MAJOR difference. 

after about 40 minutes of in the dark practice, I made my way to the cardio theater and found the only open treadmill (it was gym rush hour, at 6P by this time) and braced myself for my first jog/run since february. I didn't let up until I hit the distance of a 5K and then slowed down a bit for water and to give my achy legs a break (they had spun, after all). 

after almost two solid hours of cardio, I took my sweaty self to TJ and stocked up on healthy things (snap peas, snow peas, three bags of lettuce, raspberries, strawberries, egg beaters, 0% greek yogurt, apples, jarred bruschetta - 20 calories for 2 tbsp to be used as a sauce for broccoli slaw, coconut oil spray - much better than Pam and 0 calories AND cheap! And some bottle unsweetened green tea and sparkling lime mineral water). For only $40. Are you kidding me?!

AMAZING. and well worth the trip. 

now I've got my lunch for tomorrow - broccoli slaw "faux pasta" with a spoonful or two of the jarred bruschetta. Incredible. 


again, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

so happy I got back to pounding (treadmill) pavement and back on track with the contents of my fridge. 

take the 5-10 minutes of extra effort to help you make better choices, day in and out. 


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