Monday, July 1, 2013

rabbit | rabbit and 2-year flab2fab anniversary

happy july!

i'm not entirely sure how we got here. i'm already panicking about what i'm going to do for new year's eve because let's face it, it's around the corner (and also because i work in advertising, and we're already behind on things that are in market in september. that's why my mindset is always so far ahead)

a few things:
1. it's our party, we can do what we want.
2. mike will made it.
3. don't forget to give yourself a day off.

i'm TERRIBLE at number 3. tonight, i took a much-needed break from working out, but of course, feel supremely guilty about it.

but when i endured some SERIOUS and regular quad SPASMS and calf soreness tuesday after pounding the (treadmill) pavement on monday for the first time since february, i figured something had to give.

here's what last week's workouts looked like (7 of 7 days, and this isn't extraordinary for me. the minimum i do is 5, and i feel TERRIBLE about myself when i do that. six is the least i'd like to do, and i usually end up doing seven of seven. and that's why my body tends to fall apart. oops.)

and i couldn't take a day off because i had to teach twice wednesday by myself, had a FLY45 class thursday, needed to practice the newest rpm release friday (because we launch in 2 weeks from wednesday!), and would be teaching saturday and sunday.

lather, rinse, repeat.

so today would have to be the day off.

in past days off, i've been bad and haven't thought about resetting the eating game, adjusting for no calorie deficit, but today, i was good about it and made good choices at breakfast/lunch/snackies/dinner.

that's what you have to do. it's all about balance. if you don't work out, you sure as shit shouldn't eat over your daily allotted calories (mine are dictated by both LoseIt and myfitnesspal)

because frustratingly, it's true, what they say, that...
weight loss is EIGHTY PERCENT diet, and only twenty percent exercise.

think about that.

and an hour of working out doesn't mean you can eat an extra 500 calories that day.

i try to stick to the daily allotted calories, and not go over that, no matter how many estimated calories i burn. jury and science are out on that, but that has seemed to work for me in the past 2 years i've done this whole flab2fab thing.

i haven't gotten on the scale in 2 weeks, but i know that i look and feel a heck of a lot different than i did this time in 2011.

so there's that.

and i really wish i had done the smart thing of taking down my measurements at the start of this thing, because inches typically tell a richer story than lbs lost.

i'm far from where i want to be, but overall, i'm happy with where i'm going on this lifestyle quest.

it's a journey, not a destination. there are ups, and downs, and it's definitely an uphill battle.

as long as you keep yourself accountable (sign up for the MYB challenge! start a fitclub with friends!), and in check, and recognize the small wins along the way, you have no option but to succeed.

and here's some chronological photographic evidence of my evolution, because i tend to forget.
2011: flab2fab
2012: toneitandOWNit (started group fitness in june, and got on the crazy RPM instructor train)
2013: 2013MACHINE

w party, january 2010 (that's me on the right)

me on the left in san francisco (december 2010)

february 2011 (super bowl in dallas - us at dane cook. i'm second from R)

early 2011 (me on the L)
new year's day, 2013. cardio party, y'all! getting ready for RPM instructor training

january 2013, one weekend after RPM instructor training (2nd from left, and down 22 lbs from july 2011!)

february 2013 - my bestfriend stephanie's bachelorette weekend in phx (me on R- remember, the diet jump start was for the bridesmaid dress i had to wear in her wedding. thanks babygirl for the much needed nudge!!)

april 2013. stephanie's wedding. 2nd from R.

i did (and still do) this for myself (and i mainly did it for a dress).

don't do it for anyone else. don't you dare.

in love and solidarity,



some tuneage for your earholes (check my latest spotify playlist here):
must be the love - original mix (arty, nadia ali, BT)
as your friend - nause remix (afrojack, chris brown)
summertime sadness (ibiza sessions 2013 edit) [cedric gervais remix] (lana del rey) - and i am NO lana fan, but this one is the shit
we can't stop (miley cyrus)
set me free - feel my pain (charli xcx)
put the gun down (zz ward)

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