Friday, August 9, 2013

counting calories, and making calories count

it's one thing to count calories, and it's quite another to make calories count.

since I've gained some weight back since mybestfriend'swedding, and i'm supremely bummed about it, I took a cold, hard look in the mirror, and at my LoseIt log (or lack thereof).

why did I fall apart?

I stopped logging calories for a few months. BIG problem.
I was less strict about my intake. BIGGER problem. (no pun intended)
I let OTHER people's (and some of my own) problems get to me, and apparently stress-ate the pain away.
and, the definition of insanity, I was doing the same thing every class in BodyPump weight-wise, and expecting different results.

last thursday, I barely broke a sweat in bodypump, so I realized it was time to literally shake things up.

on tuesday, I added more weight on every track, and both felt and sweat the difference. I followed through yesterday, too. and i'll continue to add on as I keep making myself go 2x/week, in addition to my 4-5x/week of RPM (either teaching, practicing, or riding in other classes)

I've also completely rethought my eating habits and strategy, and also changed up my goal plan on LoseIt and myfitnesspal.

i'm now limited to 1,300 or so calories a day (I used to be at 1,500 or so).

I can't wait to weigh in sunday and see if a week's changes have made any difference.

SLOW AND STEADY wins the race.

this is no diet. it's a lifestyle change.

and keep in mind: it took time to put ON the weight, so in turn, it takes time to take it off.

I don't have a dress to scare me into losing weight this time around, but I do have a scary milestone coming up in 7 months (and 2 days): my twentyseventh birthday.

so arbitrarily, my end goal is to be down 27 lbs (in total since I started this thing in july 2011) by my 27th birthday (march 11)

let's see how this goes.

it doesn't matter if you fall/stumble/trip up. it will happen.

what matters MORE is your next move/plan of attack. recognize the issues. identify them. and annihilate them.

it's going to take time.
it's going to be hard.

but remember what it felt like when you hit those little victories.

for me, all it took was going back through my weight progress charts on LoseIt, and going through my agenda to see my notes of milestone weigh-ins.

I've got about... 16 lbs to go to get to my birthday goal, and about 10 to go to get to my original goal that I got within 1 lb of back in February.

it's time to get back in gear. and I can't wait.

in solidarity,


here's where I was a few months ago, and where I need to be.
that's me in the black, 2nd from left. 1 week after RPM instructor training.

3rd from right, black tank. RPM instructor training, after passing :) and at my skinniest.
PRACTICING for RPM instructor training, new year's eve. let's get back to this...

p.s. if you're curious what i'm eating, add me on LoseIt or myfitnesspal. i'm a wide open book.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

august workout challenge

I've talked about moveyourbooty before.

here's your chance to easily join.

I made a "team" for august for the stelebrity fit club.

join me!!!

the challenge? log 22 workouts in august.
I logged 30 in july.

YOU CAN DO IT. so let's.