Monday, December 9, 2013

Turning cabin fever into a cardio party

Somehow, we're living out the last days of 2013. I've been shut in my apartment since Thursday night, thanks to what people have deemed the Dallas "IcePocalypse." The powers that be cancelled four of my classes (that I teach), and so Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shamefully went by without a workout.
Across the street from my parents' house. They had no power from 4AM Friday-9P Saturday, aka NO HEAT in 28 degree weather, so Papa and I had a day of fun (lunch, watched "Charade" and Demetri Martin's 2008 special, and dinner). He was all alone, since my mom's been stranded in NYC.

If the gym deemed the driving conditions too unfavorable to hold classes, then it made no sense for me to muster the strength and courage (read: balls) to get in my car and drive there for my own workout.
I've missed these babies. Fingers crossed the show goes on tonight at 7P at my new (as of Nov.), 2nd spin gig

Luckily, I moved more than 2 months ago from a shiteous apt complex with a joke of a gym (1 broken treadmill, 1 broken TV, and a questionable weights machine), to one that's got a much more substantial fitness center, just downstairs (and so many other amenities that the other place didn't have, like regular running water, respectful neighbors, parking for me/my friends/family, etc. etc. etc.).

So yesterday, I was feeling especially cooped up and guilty from not working out for 3 days, so I put in my contacts, changed from my IceDayWeekend sweats into (several layers of) workout clothes (and UGGS for good measure, because thanks to the apt complex design, there are lots of open air walkways, and some ice and snow accumulated on the SkyWalk from my side of the bldg. to the wing with the gym), and started a CardioParty.
My view for most of Friday-Sunday AM

I couldn't find my headphones for the life of me, and didn't want to have to go to my car to search for them, so I waited for the other exerciser to leave before turning my phone tunes full blast for me, myself, and I. About 15 minutes in to my hour-long run/jog/hill climb, another exerciser came in, so I turned my volume down substantially after he put in headphones. I needed my Jock Jams and Quad City DJs pump-up jam to keep me going on the g.d. dreadmill.

After my 60 minutes were through, I decided I needed to pump some iron, and remembered that I had a few songs used in BodyPump on my phone. I went through 1 chest and 2 tricep songs, and did a minimal CXWORX resistance band stretch, and a little bit of lungework, and then went on my merry way, back upstairs to the heat of my apartment.

Cut to about 4 hours later... I can barely move. Spinning tightens the heck out of your quads and IT bands, and whenever I decide (or am forced to, thanks to Mother Nature) to treadmill it out, I'm always crippled a few hours to a few days later in said areas. Thankfully, I have a seafoam green foam roller (see what I did there) at home, so I spent about 20 minutes rolling out my quads while watching Giuliana & Bill on Netflix. Time well spent.
Foam roll it OUT. World of pain. SO NECESSARY.

My back/shoulders are also giving me grief, and I can never find the right foam roller exercise to roll those out. There's one that's supremely awkward, and not intuitive that helps a little: you lie on one side, and put the foam roller under your armpit, and rock back and forth. Somehow, due to the laws of medicine and anatomy, rolling out the armpit speaks to tense shoulders. I'll take it.

The roads are still icy as heck, and I'm too scared to drive on them, so I'm handling the first few hours of work from home, and heading in to the office around noon. Hopefully, road conditions will allow me to teach tonight's regularly scheduled 7P spin class, since the 6A class I'm subbing all month was cancelled for this morning.

Dallas, you're killing me.

Generally speaking, unless you're in LA (like I was from 2005-2008 for college), winter can be a real bitch. You can go for days/weeks/months living in the light, eating- and fitness-wise, and then all it takes is several days of being forced to stay inside to knock you from the straight and narrow path.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, as they say, so find some indoor workouts that work for you. If your apartment doesn't have a decent gym, find some weights or abs workouts online that you can do from the comfort of your home, or find some DVDs, like my personal favorite, Body By Bethenny Yoga. It's something, and that's the key thing.

Doing something is always far better than doing nothing.

Keep your house stocked with good things, especially good things that aren't perishable, like frozen unsweetened fruit to make unsweetened almond milk smoothies, my favorite PB2 (powdered peanut butter), or packets of oatmeal from brands that don't load the oats with fake sweeteners or other crap (I SEE YOU, SUCRALOSE).
Kick-ass low cal smoothie: Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, 1 tbsp. PB2, and frozen raspberries (unsweetened)

And if you can drive/walk/run/take public transport, get thee to the gym. If you're burned out on your routine, try shaking things up with a new class, like a pilates reformer class (ouch), FlyBarre, or whatever else is available in your neck of the woods. Groupon has been offering tons of deals lately for barre and yoga classes, and a good deal is a great motivator.
Try something new! I absolutely love FlyBarre. I just wish I could go to the classes - schedule never works w/ mine. I'm planning to make barre happen over Xmas.

Quite literally in Dallas, it's a slippery slope, and figuratively too, once you skip one workout, it's so easy to skip a second, a third, and a fourth. Sometimes, shit just happens, but put together a plan of attack, and strap on your shoes, and just get moving.

PS Sign up for Move Your Booty motivational emails if you need some extra words to get you off your butt and into the gym. And join me in the MYB December x 22 challenge! You just have to log 22 workouts (whatever that means to you) in the month of December.

PPS How much do we love Guiliana and Bill? I watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix this weekend. Bill is so...dreamy.

Godspeed and good luck,
xoxo Stel

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