Wednesday, March 26, 2014

If it wasn't for you, I'd be on my own.

Accountability is a beautiful thing, and it's at the core of group fitness, and this whole Fit Club thing.

Oh, and to explain this post's title, check out this week's current jam (thanks to MoveYourBooty)

It's been a while, and I want to own up to a few things. Also, HOW is it almost April? I've asked about 5 people that this week, and I'll keep asking.

1) I'm not perfect.
I slacked a little bit on my MyFitnessPal logging (in terms of owning up to every single day's intake), but I'm on an 87-day log-in streak (meaning, I haven't missed a day since I started religiously logging in January).

2) As the saying goes, "If you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done." 

You can't out-exercise a bad diet. You also can't just do cardio. You have to mix in some strength/weight training to really get that body of your dreams. The second you break away from your tight routine, things start to fall apart/get flabby. I'm living proof.

In 2012 and January-May of 2013, I had a rock-solid routine, which looked a little like this:
  • Logging every single meal, and being extremely careful about my intake.
I put Outlook calendar appointments for every single class I took, and never missed a class. Ever.
  • M: 6A RPM
  • T: 7P BodyPump
  • W: 7P RPM
  • TR: 7P BodyPump
  • F: 6A Cycle
  • Sa: 9A RPM
  • Su: 10A RPM
What's different now?

What had happened was...

I won't make excuses, but I'll give you the facts:

I got certified to teach RPM in April, and started officially teaching a Wednesday 6A class, on top of the occasional 7P Wednesday class, ended up taking over the Saturday 9A RPM class for one of my mentor instructors, and then was given a Sunday 1030A RPM class.

And as of October, I also started teaching RPM at a luxury apartment complex in town two days a week, and had to stop going to my all-time favorite class, Thursday night BodyPump with Rudy, the instructor who literally got in my face week after week until I perfected the clean and press.
Great view, but SUNNY AS HELL at 7P, thanks to DST...

These bikes are FINE as HAIL

Work got a litttttle crazy, and having to suddenly not just show up to a class, but teach, and stand and deliver, sort of got in the way of getting my ass to classes like BodyPump.

I was tired. I felt for the first time in years that I needed to take a (GASP) rest day.

And as I owned up to in several posts, I thought I was invincible, and started slacking on my intake.

That added up to a few too many lbs back on my body that I'm still struggling to get rid of in a big way.

Here's what my schedule looks like now, with my most recent additions in bold, since I started making a conscious effort to put myself first in the last few weeks:
  • M: 7P RPM at Apts
  • T: 7P BodyPump (FINALLY getting back into the routine)
  • W: 6A RPM (either team teach, or just me), and 7PM RPM (as a participant, team teach, or solo subbing)
  • TR: 7P RPM at Apts.
  • F: Occasional 545A FLY60, or a rest day
  • S: 9A RPM (my class!)
  • Su: 1030A RPM (my class!) and 630P BodyPump (I put this one on my calendar for a year, and never made it until this past Sunday. It was incredible! I'll just have to rearrange my life/schedule to make sure I still get to the grocery store Sunday, and get all my meal prepping done so I don't get behind schedule for the week)

It's so easy to give up the second we slip-up, citing #YOLO.

Think about where you are right now, and where you want to be. 

Define what your barriers are, and make a plan of attack. Don't hold yourself to a number or a date on the calendar, but check in with yourself every now and then, and realize what's causing you to fall off track.

For me, that meant hiding the honey and Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips I bought a few weeks ago and started sprinkling on top of a sliced banana with 1/4 c almonds. Mama don't need so much sugar. 

It meant making myself take the 5 minutes to prep a green smoothie this morning after teaching my first RPM class of the day.

It also meant taking the 10 minutes to prep all of the zucchini and sweet potatoes I bought this past weekend, spiralize them, and cook them, and then set aside a portion for lunch today.

Little changes are often what yield the biggest changes, whether it's literally in spin class, adding just a touch more on the wheel than the previous round of hills, or just removing a few hundred calories here or there from your daily intake.
Clean eating at the Whole Foods salad bar. All veggies, fruit, a little spoonful of guac, and 1 hardboiled egg.

Just removing the two times a week of BodyPump completely set me back, so just making that effort to pack a bag Monday night and leave on time from work, and then revising my Sunday a bit is going to make a world of difference.

Here's to a sexier, fitter, and more confident Spring ahead.


PS: I've been binge-buying music on iTunes lately, and here's another favorite, musically, and lyrically.
"I've got a little bit longer...I've got a ways to go." Enjoy.

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