Thursday, April 17, 2014

21 day sugar detox diet

If you follow me on InstaSlam, you know that I just started the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet.

I just started my free trial of Amazon Prime, and I've been using the hell out of it on the following:

I found a packet at Whole Foods today and it's BOMB. NO sugar. Ingredients include ALMONDS. That's it!

  • Navitas Naturals Cacao Nibs (FYI, they don't melt. I tried. Without sugar, you see what chocolate is really like. It's an acquired taste, and you definitely won't overdo it on these! 1 oz = 130 calories, and I like to mix them with 1/8 c pecan halves and 1/8 c raw almonds as a snack)

You might be asking yourself, Why? Why did I decide to do this?

Well, I've done the Paleo thing, but not 100%, since January 1, and that's why I've sort of plateaued and not seen the results I want.

And why Paleo? The lifestyle just makes sense to me. I wanted to be free of junk, and have guidelines to keep me honest, and eat to live, not live to eat. I also wanted to get rid of the excess that I gained from May 2013-December 2013.

I've been plagued with serious stomach issues (Monster, thy name is IBS) since the summer of 2007, and have to take expensive medication ($203.63/month, we need some RX reform up in here!!) twice a day to be somewhat normal, and I even had to get a colonoscopy at the ripe age of 25, and my next one is on the calendar for 2015.

Not excited, but since they found a potentially pre-cancerous polyp last time, it means I have to get screens every 2-3 years. It's not fun, but it's the only way to detect colon cancer, so it's definitely worth doing.

That said, I'm always looking for ways to clean up my eating to see if there are ways to make myself feel better, inside and out, based on what I'm putting in my body.

Here's what wasn't Paleo this year:
  • Hummus (even when portioned out, chickpeas and the like are on the oh-no-no list for paleo)
  • PB2 (peanuts are not allowed on the Paleo lifestyle, and this is just pulverized peanuts)
  • Bananas (I ate them like they were going out of style, and threw them into smoothies, or ate them by themselves, or with some PB2)
  • Allowing myself Enjoy Life chocolate (the Boom Boom Choco chocolate bars, or sprinkling some mini chips or chunks over fruit/bananas with PB2)
  • Half and half in my coffee
  • Getting 1 pump of vanilla into my coffee at Starbucks
  • Justin's Almond Butter squeeze packets (TOO much sugar, and it was hard to limit myself to just one)
To the untrained eye, if you look at my log on myfitnesspal, you probably think I've been doing GREAT (it's all relative, my friends), but there's always an opportunity to make tweaks. 

I've noticed that all of my "fat" is now primarily in my belly vs. love handles or elsewhere, and last year, I had a flat tummy. It's upsetting, but it's not defeating.

So, I did some research, and came across the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet.

I'm doing Level 3, based on my current eating habits (mostly Paleo) and my level of activity. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty strict, but I've had zero problems thus far (but it's only day 2).

I do best when I have a set of rules and guidelines, telling me exactly what I can and can't do or eat, so this has been a piece of cake (can't have that, y'all) so far.

Just yesterday, I could already notice a change in how I felt, and I'm absolutely blown away, and can't wait to see where this goes.

I've been KILLING IT in the kitchen since Sunday, and I don't see this stopping anytime soon. All you need is a pantry and fridge full of clean ingredients, and some simple recipes. Thanks, Pinterest!

This recipe is SOFA king easy, and tastes amazing:

Zucchini and Carrot Quiche
I found this on Pinterest, and apparently, it comes from Practical Paleo! Can't wait to get the book!

Kale Chips, the STELebrity Fit Club Way:
400F oven
Wash and rinse kale carefully (get rid of any sand and dirt that might be on the leaves.
Foil a cookie sheet.
Tear up the kale in little pieces, removing the stalks.
Spray generously with coconut oil spray, and then season to your liking.
To be like that bitch Gwyneth, I use Pink Himalayan sea salt and pepper.
Bake for about 20 minutes, but CHECK on them. Mine are usually done in about 12 minutes.
They go from perfectly crisped to charred and bitter reallll quick.

ALSO: It might seem like a great idea to tupperware them and pack them up to eat another day, but this uncrisps the kale, and it just becomes seasoned leafy kale. Not ideal.

Zucchini Noodles with Peas (and protein of your choice - I like to do this with Smoked Salmon)
Spiralize 2-3 zucchini.
Heat them in a coconut oil-sprayed pan, and add peas, and protein.
Season to your liking.

If you want to give the 21DSD a try, check out the website for information and handy dandy 1-page guides, which will help with the YES/NO dichotomy, and knowing what you can make and buy at the grocery store.

You can even print out the daily success log that takes you from Day O-Day 22. I'm kicking ass so far.

The other BIG BIG BIG thing that's been keeping me from my ideal body is my lack of sleep. This makes you log sleep and water intake, and I love that. Those are two big goals for me.

The goal is to get 7 hours of sleep a night, which is tough for me, considering most nights, I don't get home until 8P after teaching a class, and then have to make/eat dinner, shower, etc., but if that's keeping weight in my belly, you better believe I'm going to get my ass into bed earlier.

I love a good YES/NO guide. Green means GO, yellow means bitch, you better watch out (because they're in my pantry, or I used to eat them regularly)

Another great resource I came across is from Primal Palate. They have an awesome free app with tons of recipes by category (appetizers, entrees, etc.), and it's called "myKitchen."

I'm also going to try a new workout, called CitySurf. I'm terrified, scared, and excited, all at the same time. They had an awesome deal going on: $15 for two weeks unlimited!

I neglect my core ALWAYS, and this is completely focused on toning and tightening everything, including the core. I'm in. My first class is Saturday at 11A, which may hurt a litttttle, considering I teach RPM from 9A-10A on Saturdays. Challenge accepted.

Our bodies start to get accustomed to what we do, and since I basically do the exact same workouts week in and out, it's high time for a change to get the results I want, and combining new focuses and workouts with a retooled diet should do the trick.

Let's hope.

Here's to a successful day 2-22.


PS, just came across this on Facebook today with the lady behind 21DSD!

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