Monday, April 7, 2014

Bears Never Give Up.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again:
Never let a number define you - whether it's on the scale, your clothing label, or your age.

However...check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Turns out, if I avoid my scale for a good month or two and get a little lax on my intake, I sure do gain weight. I never said this (lifestyle, weight loss/fitnesses) thing would be easy. Heck, it's far, far, far, far from that.

But bears never give up.

I think weight loss is the one instance in which I'm totally fine being a total loser.

I got on the scale Sunday morning, before teaching RPM, and shook my head in dismay.
Own your gains. Don't let them define you or throw you off course, but instead, let them lead you back on track and to a loss.

After teaching RPM at 1030A, I hopped in my car and braved the torrential Dallas rain storm to get my ass to Sprouts. I bought SO many good things:

  • Baby Bell Peppers (pictured below) - SLICE THEM UP and tupperware them, and make them scoops for skinny dips, like Wholly Salsa Avocado Verde, Fat Free Hummus, or Pico de Gallo (Did you know that almost all salsas are about 10 calories per tablespoon? LOAD THAT ISH UP)

  • Strawberries (SPROUTS is SOFA KING cheap, I can't get over it: 3 boxes for $5!)
  • Blackberries
  • Eggs
  • 2 giant containers of fresh spinach to make the signature, quintessential STELebrity Fit Club Green Smoothie
  • Bananas (for smoothies, and to get back into the Yonanas habit)
  • Zucchini and Sweet Potatoes for spiralizing (I did this the SECOND I got home, and prepped a tupperware of "zoodles" for today's lunch, which was SLAMMIN')
  • Pre-washed, pre-sliced mushrooms, which I threw into my Zucchini/Sweet Potato Noodle pot

  • Organic Tomato Sauce (to serve as the binding ingredient for my spiralized stuff)
  • Raw Whole Almonds
  • Wholly Salsa
  • Wholly Salsa Avocado Verde
  • Wholly Avocado (a spoonful goes a long way by itself, or in a STELebrity Fit Club Green Smoothie)
  • Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips (for emergency usage only)
  • Baby tomatoes

I'm officially back on the 2x/week BodyPump train, and starting to feel some real pain - I mean, results....

According to LoseIt, I'll hit my goal weight loss by July 7th. 7/7/2014. 
I don't like putting time stamps on things, but it's time to really do this thing, for real - AGAIN.

April, you're my fool. My bitch. 

Make it yours.

When you stumble, get your ass back up.

It starts in the kitchen, and finishes in the gym.

Drink up that H2O.


PS: Am I the only one who remembers this gem from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, from years and years ago? #1 in Israel, 15 years ago!

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