Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New month.


It feels like a swampy marshland in the office today, which might be the cruelest April Fool's joke of them all.

My dad's from France, and over there, April 1 is all about FISH <<poisson d'avril>>, which looks a little something like this. Their humor's a little different...

All jokes aside, a new month brings SO MANY NEW THINGS:

  • A chance to hit reset if you fell off course recently (whether it was one meal, one day, one week, or the entire month). Never forget: never let one bad decision derail you completely. Let it be the exception to the rule, not habit.

  • A reason to do some spring cleaning (clean out your pantry and fridge, and assess what you're missing, or what needs to go, like temptations or garbage)

  • Do something new! Try a new workout class, or a new move, or a new challenge - like holding the damn plank for 30 seconds, then a minute, then two...then FIVE. I need help with this one...or make something new with something new (Spiralize some zucchini, why don't you? Try cooking with coconut oil!)

  • Get some new workout gear to get you excited about your next cardio party.

Online shopping is the best and worst. All of the above have shown up in the last few weeks...

  • Most important, a clean slate. LITERALLY make today your day one. It starts right now.

Here's what I'm up to this week, workout-wise, which is no different from any other week (as of 2 weeks ago, because I'm back on my BODYPUMP grind):

Taught a full class (5 bikes) at my apt complex gig, and did a test run of some of the latest RPM.

TUESDAY (today!):
Taking one of my good friends to her first-ever BODYPUMP class! Accountability is a beautiful thing.

Team teaching RPM at 6A, and either attending or team teaching the 7P class

Teaching at the ol' apt complex at 7P

Since someone beat me to reserving bike six for the 545A FLY60, I'm going to surrender and...have a rest day? Does that exist? And playlist prep for my 2 weekend classes.

Teaching RPM at 9A


  • Teaching RPM at 1030A at Gold's Gym 1. 
  • Catching up on the weekend/sipping Evolution Fresh and a Cool Lime Refresher with one of my best friends/guiding lights at the Starbucks closest to Gym 1. 
  • Changing and heading to gym 2 at 1PM for the final RPM practice for next week's launch of RPM 62. Home around 330 for some fuel/shower/nap. 
  • BODYPUMP at 630P at Gym 3 with best friend/guiding light.

...You can, too.

Here's to an epic, amazing APRIL. Make it YOUR fool.


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