Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Positive thoughts. Positive outcomes.

Somehow, there are only a handful of days left in the month of May.

Aside from being sidelined for a few days from unseasonal seasonal allergy sickness, I'd say this month was pretty a-MAY-zing as originally planned.

a-MAY-zing workouts logged
thursday, may 1: taught 7P spin class 
friday, may 2: 6A beach body boot camp @ city surf
saturday, may 3: 1) taught 9A rpm, walked --> city surf, 2) 11A city surf circuits, walked --> car
sunday, may 4: 1) taught rpm at 1030A 2) 630P bodypump
monday, may 5: taught 7P spin class
tuesday, may 6: 1) took 6P RPM and 2) 730P buddha board (yoga) @ city surf (had jury duty in the AM, so I was ready to blow off some steam)
wednesday, may 7: team taught 1) 6A and 2) 7P RPM
thursday, may 8: due to tornado threat/flash floods, cancelled my 7P class, but rode an hour-long tough RPM playlist from 9-10P at the gym once the rain had cleared
friday, may 9: 6A beach body boot camp @ city surf
saturday, may 10: 1) taught 9A RPM, walked --> city surf, 2) 11A city surf circuits, walked --> car
sunday, may 11: taught 1030A RPM (skipped bodypump because it was mother's day)
(monday, may 12: SICK. missed 6A beach body boot camp and my 7P spin class)
tuesday, may 13: recovering from sickness, but made myself go to 730P buddha board yoga @ city surf
wednesday, may 14: still sick, so I taught the 6A rpm class, and skipped the 7P
thursday, may 15: taught spin at 7P
friday, may 16: 6A city surf
saturday, may 17: 1) taught 9A RPM, walked --> city surf, 2) 11A city surf circuits, walked --> car
sunday, may 18: taught 1030A RPM, but was way way way too sore from circuits to do bodypump
monday, may 19: 1) 6A city surf and 2) taught spin at 7P
tuesday, may 20: 730P buddha board @ city surf
wednesday, may 21: taught RPM at 6A
thursday, may 22: taught spin at 7P
friday, may 23: 6A city surf
saturday, may 24: 1) taught rpm at 9A, walked --> city surf, 2) 11A city surf circuits, walked --> car
sunday, may 25: taught RPM at 1030A

monday, may 26: 930A cyclingREMIX at BEYOND Pedaling
(snooooozed my alarm and skipped 6A city surf circuits. bummed, but moving on)

tuesday, may 27: bodypump at 7P, or some sort of hour-long cardio party, depending on when I can leave work tonight
wednesday, may 28: teaching RPM at 6A
thursday, may 29: teaching spin at 7P
friday, may 30: 6A city surf
saturday, may 31: 1) teaching RPM at 9A, walking --> city surf, 2) 11A city surf circuits, walking --> car

I must say, I owe most of my newfound positivity and good vibes to my new obsession: 

I've got this one on the back window of my car. Always reppin'.

I have this as my phone background for when I need a quick stress reliever for the work day.

Here's my ode to City Surf Fitness that I recently posted to Yelp:

City Surf is my new obsession, and I see no turning back. I teach 5-6 spin classes a week and take BodyPump classes when I can, but I was starting to plateau. I needed something to challenge me and wanted to shake up my routine, and I absolutely found that with CSF.

The instructors are great. The RSX boards are intimidating at first, but I've seen noticeable improvement in my balance/stability/abilities in just the one month I've been taking classes here. You will fall, but you're not far off the ground, so it ain't no thing.

I've done Buddha Board, City Surf, Beach Body Bootcamp, and City Surf Circuits, and I've loved every single class. Buddha Board is CSF's take on yoga, and the poses done might be easy off the board, but are absolutely a struggle while on the board. It's a great calming end to my Tuesday. The top-notch instructors and sick playlists get you through tough 30-second and 45-second intervals. I had never done the types of moves asked of me in the classes, and suddenly, I find myself empowered and doing things I never believed I could do. 

The workouts are tough, but it's the kind of ass kick that you look forward to and sign up for, week after week. I can't get enough, and can't say enough good things about CSF. I'm looking forward to seeing this place grow! Almost all of the classes I've been to have been full, so I'm a little worried about when word gets out that I'll have trouble getting the classes I want!

If you want to give City Surf a try, create your online account here. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to see current specials, the weekly schedule, book classes, and make purchases.

They've been doing #FitFreebie Mondays (every class on Monday is FREE), but space is limited. Just book the classes you want online or via the City Surf Fitness app. You'll be able to see immediately if there's a waitlist for the class or if you're good to go.

City Surf is running a special now where you can get unlimited classes for June-August for $200, and I believe they're running the $15 2-week unlimited introductory special that got me hooked.

Book that $15 intro now, and check out a variety of classes. I've loved every single one, and I'm hooked on City Surf Circuits on Saturdays. So so so so so so so so good.

The only classes I haven't tried are Kowabunga Board (another take on yoga), and Pipeline, their take on the popular barre workout, but I have no doubt they're just as awesome as the rest.

To give you an idea of what's in store in a typical City Surf class, here's
"City Surf - The Intro" on Vimeo:

Just around the corner from Post Square, Starbucks, and i Fratelli Pizza

Try something new.

Shake up your routine

You might be just $15 away from discovering your new obsession.


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