Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crop Top Summer

Crop Top Summer is in FULL effect.

I designed this, using a font called "AWKWARD"

I see a shirt design in the near future.

If you're not saying it yet, you will be.

If you're not taking steps toward it now, you will soon.

It's not a's a lifestyle.
It's not a passing's a mindset.
It's about creating and finding the best version of you. It's not a number on the scale, or on your pants label. But it might be. Side effects may be looser-fitting clothing and a general feeling of bad ass-ness.

The back story
My best friend Spike and I have been influencing vernacular in the Dallas area and beyond for years now. He told me about #croptopsummer when we were having brunch at Dream Cafe one Saturday.

What is it, really?

Well, when you're about to make a poor intake decision, think to yourself....#CropTopSummer

When you want to quit on that last rep in the gym, remember three words: CROP. TOP. SUMMER.

Think of it as that teeny weenie itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini you've got hanging on your closet door, staring you in the face.

Or what helped me years ago, that unforgiving blue JCrew bridesmaid dress that also accidentally got me into this whole spinning thing.

It's a mantra. It's motivation. It says so much in so few words.

People of all ages, including my 59-year-old Mom, have been saying/writing/tweeting/Facebook posting/Instagramming about and LIVING Crop Top Summer, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

My mom's note to self on the cupboard leading to plates and bowls. WORD to yo mother!

I even wore a SoulCycle (for ShopBop) Crop Top today to teach RPM, and it was probably the most fun class I've taught to date. Correlation is high.

Business in the front...

Party in the back! It's CROPPED.

Join the Crop Top Revolution now.

I've got Pinterest boards with plenty of ideas, tips, and recipes for both:
1) Crop Top Summer in the GYM

with things like this:

and, MORE important:
2) Crop Top Summer in the KITCHEN

Speaking of, I have PERFECTED the green smoothie, as of this week.

Here goes, which makes 2 full glasses (I drink one before hopping in the shower, post-workout and pour the rest in a to-go cup that I take on my way out the door):

  • 1-2 generous handfuls of spinach
  • Just under 2 cups Unsweetened Vanilla/Coconut Vanilla Almond Breeze (you don't want to use a chocolate one if you want a straight up green smoothie look)
  • A splash of coconut water to get you to 2 cups liquid
  • 1 c crushed ice
  • 1 tbsp Wholly Avocado
  • 1 c FROZEN GRAPES (Life changer, y'all)
  • Optional: no more than 1 tablespoon local honey (really not necessary since you get sweetness from the grapes, but feel free to modify as you see fit)



In need of some workout inspiration?

1) City Surf Fitness, using my code 1987. (First-timers only)
Full details in my previous post here.

That's me in the front row, middle, and my mom behind me in the gray! Buddha Board Yoga (TU 730P)
2) TONIGHT: FREE yoga at 630P at Vital Fitness (downtown Dallas, Joule Hotel), courtesy of lululemon knox street

3) Every Saturday at 9A (competes with my RPM class, but I'm all about spreading the love), PiYo (pilates/yoga) at WET, the pool deck of the W Hotel in Victory Park. It gets packed, so get there early! FREE, even if you're not a guest of the hotel.

4) FREE workouts at Klyde Warren Park downtown (Confession: I've never been to KWP...what's my problem?). Check the schedule on their website to see the full calendar of events. It looks like a few of the SWEAT boot camps have been cancelled recently, but it's worth keeping track of free workouts at KWP.

EVERY SUNDAY at 10AM, weather-permitting, they have FREE yoga with Exhale Yoga!
Mats are provided.

5) FREE yoga class courtesy of Vital Fitness Studio TOMORROW NIGHT (Thursday, 6/19) at 530P at The Eye 

Thanks to the Downtown Dallas, Inc. Facebook page for the heads-up!

6) THIS SATURDAY, there are TWO chances to get a FREE apprentice class at BodyBar Studios (the Travis St., "DALLAS," location, right next to Villa-O)

There are classes at 2 and 3PM and there are a handful of slots left. Book yours now!

If you've never tried the Pilates Reformer, this is your chance. It's one heck of a workout, and will get you #CROPTOPSUMMER-ready in no time!

This is what I've been doing:

Cheers to a successful CROP TOP SUMMER, Fit Club, whatever you do, wherever you are.

To quote one of my favorite City Surf instructors, who told us this during a particular tough set on Saturday:
"You can cry about your body, or you can cry during your workouts. Only one burns calories."

Turn negativity into positive actions and change. Instead of berating yourself when you aren't pleased with what's staring back at you in the mirror, reset your intentions and your focus. It took work to get where you are, and it takes just as much, if not more, work to get where you want to be.

Set or change up your workout schedule. Clean up your fridge. Make a shopping list that aligns with your goals.



Friday, June 13, 2014

Looking FORWARD Friday

In exactly TWO weeks from right now, I'll be getting ready to see THIS guy on Broadway.

Change that to TWO! TWO whole weeks!

I love Instagram. It's how I found out about "The Cripple of Inishmaan"''s imminent return to Broadway back in March. It's a limited 14-week engagement, so once I found that out, I got to plotting and planning and hoping and wishing, and ultimately, making things happen.

In 2013, I was *this* close to YOLOing it and flying to London/Paris JUST to see D Radcliffe on the London stage for the exact same play, but after doing some math and wincing at the state of my bank account, I decided against it. It worked out because life got realllly crazy with jobs one and two (spinning) around the time I would have been out of the country.

Well, snaps for THAT, and snaps for Instagram (I think it was the Today Show whose account I had just randomly followed a week or so prior to the discovery) for letting me know about the state-side production!

I'm going to New York City purely to see D Radcliffe. Yes, I'm that much of a fan.

I got my parents in on it, who happen to be traveling to the NE for their 37th wedding anniversary around that time. I got a free plane ticket out of it (thanks, AAdvantage, and my dad!), and I got 3 of the 4 nights in a hotel reimbursed by my parents. Were this completely on my own, I wouldn't have been able to swing the trip, so I'm going to be forever indebted to my parents, once again.

My mom and I are going to be center stage, about 10ish rows up from the stage, and I'm already freaking the fuck out.

I'm going to fill the rest of my time in the city with lots and lots of exercise (walking/jogging/running around the city and taking either a Flywheel or Soulcycle class with any of the many instructors I've idolized from afar), and then we're going to spend a day in Connecticut visiting family and finally meeting my 2nd cousin's baby. I miss being in a walkable city (throwback to my semester abroad in Paris), and really enjoy my Saturday mornings walking the short distance from one gym to another, and back, so I'm really going to take advantage of all NYC has to offer.

Here's to making dreams come true (when you can swing it, and better if you can get some help).

BEYOND excited.

On having things to look forward to
To pull a quote from ol' Dumbly-dore:
"When things are most dark, it will help show (him) the light."

Things really aren't that dark around these here parts, but as a late 20-something (happily) singleton, life isn't easy. And I'm so glad that I'm finally using some of my vacation days that are burning a hole in my pocket. I have SO many to use, and just never use them. Ever.

YOLO it once in a while.

Find your happy.

Go places. Even if it's just for a few days.

CANNOT WAIT for "What If" to come out this August
I meannnnnn....

And with that, I leave you.

Looking forward to teaching 9A RPM tomorrow/11 A City Surf Circuits and a good walk/jog/sprint in between and after the two, and then having a friends dinner in honor of a good friend coming into town.

Countdown clock is ON.



Thursday, June 12, 2014

F words for you: FREE. Fitness.

Dallas readers, I want to share two of my favorite F words with you:
2) Fitness

Today, I'm putting those together for you, SURFBORT style.

If you've been paying a lick of attention, clearly, I'm team City Surf Fitness. I'm two months into a full-on obsession, and they're letting me share the wealth with you. Create an account online here ( and use code 1987 to get a FREE session at City Surf! 

They've got an app, too, for quick and easy class schedule views and class pickin'!

What are you waiting for? It's only June 12, and you've got plenty of time to perfect that beach body you've always wanted! In the Online Store, choose 1 session, and then use code 1987 to surf for FREE. See you on a board!

If you have any questions or trouble getting your class booked, email me at

The only class I haven't taken is Pipeline, their take on the barre workout, but I'm sure it's just as slammin' as every other class I've taken (City Surf, Big Kahuna, Buddha Board, and City Surf Circuits).

Check out their Intro video here to get a taste of the waves:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Move your BOOTY

It's June!

Earlier this year, I posted about this sobering equation:
80% diet. 
20% exercise.

I have zero problem getting my workouts in. In fact, my problem is working in rest days
(read: unless I'm deathly ill, and it's a day, I log at least one workout).

I'm still trying to figure out the intake part of the equation, and getting better at it every day.

To pepper in some cliches: It's a journey, not a marathon, and it's a lifestyle, not a diet.

Also, OOPS at what I did yesterday:
Sunday, JUNE ONE
1) Taught RPM at 1030A
2) Took a free new instructor CyclingREMIX class @ BEYOND Pedaling
3) Used the rowing machine for 45 minutes (set to a banging playlist on my iPod shuffle) while killing time before BodyPump
4) BodyPump @ 630P

Needless to say, I was beat, and had trouble getting out of bed this morning. I was planning on going to City Surf at 6A, but when I got out of bed at 5:15A, I made the choice to get back into bed since I have a client meeting today and wanted to regain some energy and have time to put myself together before work.

I'm teaching RPM at 7PM tonight, so I'm still getting one, but not two, workouts in today.

EDIT: I just booked the 8:15P City Surf (30-minute) class to make up for this AM. I'll have to BOOK it after teaching, but I teach just down the street. Should be easy!

For those of you who need a little push to get to the gym, I recommend checking out
Move Your Booty.

Photo c/o

How it works
Goal: Work out (however you define a workout) 22 times in a given month (because it takes 22 days to form a habit).
Join the Social Workout online challenge, and log your workouts.
Make it to the end of the month with your head held high, your waistbands loose, and increased levels of confidence.
Repeat each month.

I guess you could say I have no trouble hitting 22 in a month :)

I get Social Workout emails every morning and immediately log the day's workouts before even getting out of bed. I do the same thing on LoseIt and MyFitnessPal, but MYB has more of a real community feel, and I like that.

Photo c/o

Follow Move Your Booty on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for daily and weekly inspiration and tips. You can even sign up for MYB emails to get greatness delivered to your Inbox on the regular, and get MYB tanks and shirts to rep MYB while working out.

Photo c/o Move Your Booty's Facebook page

If you're in the NYC area, you can even get in on group workouts, like classes at Soulcycle, special events, or group runs.

You're not in this alone. I used to be terrified of group exercise, and now that's almost all I do!

Photo c/o Move Your Booty's Facebook page

Time flies when you have a room full of friends/classmates around you going through the same challenges as you are, and I find it a lot easier to view a workout like another meeting on the calendar that I absolutely can't miss. In my case, when I'm teaching, I really can't miss it, but on the days I don't teach, I really have to make sure I get my ass to class.

I've got a crazier than usual workout schedule this week because I'm trying to get the MOST out of June (and July, and August, and September, and October, etc. etc. etc.) to really get where I want to be, body-wise, by EOY.

And of course, I'm also fine-tuning my intake, starting with a clean slate each day
with breakfast.

6A City Surf (oops...was too tired from yesterday's triathlon + 1 of workouts)
7PM Teaching RPM

730P Buddha Board (yoga) @ City Surf

6A Teaching RPM
7PM Trying SPEEDFLEX (first class is FREE, and it's only 30 minutes)

6A City Surf
7P Teaching RPM

6A City Surf

9A Teaching RPM, walk to City Surf
11A City Surf Circuits, walk back to car

1030A Teaching RPM
4P Flybarre (hour)
630P BodyPump

This is where I leave you:

Make time for YOU.

Be selfish with your workouts.

If you find a new studio, class, or exercise you love, invite a friend to join you at the next session.

Snap Chat Spin class

Who says happy hour can't be about calorie expenditure rather than intake?

Continue the fun after class with iced coffee, a healthy lunch or dinner out, or if you're looking for beauty on a budget, prep a healthy lunch or dinner together. These are things I do every week with one of my best friends, and I love the routine.

Make an event out of your workout. At the end of the day, you just have to
move your booty.

Coffee in between classes yesterday