Thursday, June 12, 2014

F words for you: FREE. Fitness.

Dallas readers, I want to share two of my favorite F words with you:
2) Fitness

Today, I'm putting those together for you, SURFBORT style.

If you've been paying a lick of attention, clearly, I'm team City Surf Fitness. I'm two months into a full-on obsession, and they're letting me share the wealth with you. Create an account online here ( and use code 1987 to get a FREE session at City Surf! 

They've got an app, too, for quick and easy class schedule views and class pickin'!

What are you waiting for? It's only June 12, and you've got plenty of time to perfect that beach body you've always wanted! In the Online Store, choose 1 session, and then use code 1987 to surf for FREE. See you on a board!

If you have any questions or trouble getting your class booked, email me at

The only class I haven't taken is Pipeline, their take on the barre workout, but I'm sure it's just as slammin' as every other class I've taken (City Surf, Big Kahuna, Buddha Board, and City Surf Circuits).

Check out their Intro video here to get a taste of the waves:

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