Friday, June 13, 2014

Looking FORWARD Friday

In exactly TWO weeks from right now, I'll be getting ready to see THIS guy on Broadway.

Change that to TWO! TWO whole weeks!

I love Instagram. It's how I found out about "The Cripple of Inishmaan"''s imminent return to Broadway back in March. It's a limited 14-week engagement, so once I found that out, I got to plotting and planning and hoping and wishing, and ultimately, making things happen.

In 2013, I was *this* close to YOLOing it and flying to London/Paris JUST to see D Radcliffe on the London stage for the exact same play, but after doing some math and wincing at the state of my bank account, I decided against it. It worked out because life got realllly crazy with jobs one and two (spinning) around the time I would have been out of the country.

Well, snaps for THAT, and snaps for Instagram (I think it was the Today Show whose account I had just randomly followed a week or so prior to the discovery) for letting me know about the state-side production!

I'm going to New York City purely to see D Radcliffe. Yes, I'm that much of a fan.

I got my parents in on it, who happen to be traveling to the NE for their 37th wedding anniversary around that time. I got a free plane ticket out of it (thanks, AAdvantage, and my dad!), and I got 3 of the 4 nights in a hotel reimbursed by my parents. Were this completely on my own, I wouldn't have been able to swing the trip, so I'm going to be forever indebted to my parents, once again.

My mom and I are going to be center stage, about 10ish rows up from the stage, and I'm already freaking the fuck out.

I'm going to fill the rest of my time in the city with lots and lots of exercise (walking/jogging/running around the city and taking either a Flywheel or Soulcycle class with any of the many instructors I've idolized from afar), and then we're going to spend a day in Connecticut visiting family and finally meeting my 2nd cousin's baby. I miss being in a walkable city (throwback to my semester abroad in Paris), and really enjoy my Saturday mornings walking the short distance from one gym to another, and back, so I'm really going to take advantage of all NYC has to offer.

Here's to making dreams come true (when you can swing it, and better if you can get some help).

BEYOND excited.

On having things to look forward to
To pull a quote from ol' Dumbly-dore:
"When things are most dark, it will help show (him) the light."

Things really aren't that dark around these here parts, but as a late 20-something (happily) singleton, life isn't easy. And I'm so glad that I'm finally using some of my vacation days that are burning a hole in my pocket. I have SO many to use, and just never use them. Ever.

YOLO it once in a while.

Find your happy.

Go places. Even if it's just for a few days.

CANNOT WAIT for "What If" to come out this August
I meannnnnn....

And with that, I leave you.

Looking forward to teaching 9A RPM tomorrow/11 A City Surf Circuits and a good walk/jog/sprint in between and after the two, and then having a friends dinner in honor of a good friend coming into town.

Countdown clock is ON.



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