Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet, Day SEVENTEEN

The last time I posted, I was only on day five of the 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet, and I was terrified about slipping for the third time on day eight.

Well, it's day seventeen, and I feel pretty damn good about it!

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I still have a handful of days left to go, and can't wait to drink one of the Evolution Fresh juices that's been waiting for me in my fridge since just before I started the detox. I'm also really looking forward to eating berries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and really, anything other than green-tipped bananas and green apples - although these have seriously grown on me in seventeen days!

Over the course of the past seventeen days, I've learned a lot about myself and have added several new cooking techniques and recipes to my repertoire, and I have to say, I really believe in this program. With just tiny changes to my intake, and a whole lot of discipline, I've felt and seen big changes.

I don't think I'll ever be 100% happy or in love with my body, and that's just a personal thing I have to work on, but I know I'm making major strides on the journey to the best version of me, whatever that means.

Since the program is more about curbing sugar and carb dependence than weight loss, I haven't hopped on the scale (and probably won't for a few months because I just don't like bad news), but this program, combined with adding running, Fitbit-fueled steps, and City Surf Fitness into the mix have helped reshape my body and my mind.

I'm getting more sleep.
I'm drinking more water.
I feel and look less bloated on the daily.
I've completely turned around my attitude and I'm a lot more upbeat and positive during the workday.
I used to be so exhausted and drained from either teaching or taking 6A workout classes that the rest of the day was a downhill from the workout endorphin high. Not anymore! (Positive thoughts. Positive outcomes.)

In case you're interested in taking the plunge yourself, Diane Sanfilippo, creator of the 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet, just revamped the program in a major way. There's now a subscription-only online version of the program for people needing an extra push aside from what's available in the online or print books and on the website.

I already owned the print version of the cookbook, so I jumped at the discounted price for the premium package. Check out the package options here.

I'm following Level 3, the strictest of the three levels of the #21DSD, which is a choice I made based on answering a series of questions in the book (I provided those questions here on the blog a while back). It's the closest to the Paleo diet, which I have been more or less following since January. Levels 1 and 2 are still no picnic, but there a little less restrictive than what I'm following.

Confession time: I'll admit that there were a few days when I ate more than the one daily-allotted green-tipped banana, and I've also had a few cans of La Croix sparkling water, which Diane says is off limits because of the "natural flavors." But if those indiscretions mean I can keep on the detox for the full 21 days, I'm 100% okay with those choices.

Here's what went down, intake and output-wise, the first six days of the detox:

DAY 0 (Sunday, July 13: the day before the detox started)
Exercise: Taught RPM at 1030A, walked around Stella house while my dad made a cake for his office to celebrate Bastille Day to get in my remaining steps

A crafty cake Papa Stel made (I held down the cardboard cutout my dad made so he could do his homemade icing flag)

Steps: 10,430 (goal is 10K daily steps)

Breakfast: Evolution Fresh Pineapple Coconut Water, Iced Venti Unsweetened Americano, and a green-tipped banana at Starbucks, 1/4 of a 70% dark chocolate/coffee bar from Whole Foods at home

Lunch: Cantaloupe cubes, strawberries (I had to finish up a box I bought because they're off limits for the detox, and I didn't want them to go to waste!), 2 tablespoons Creamy Sunbutter + 1/2 tbsp. Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips and a drizzling of Local Texas honey

Dinner: Urban Taco Chicken Tinga rice bowl and some yucca fries (they came on the side, and I couldn't resist), unsweetened iced tea, and 2 Against All Grain Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies (I made these to rid the pantry of non-21DSD-compliant ingredients, and to get a final taste of sweets)

Snack: Another 1/4 of the Whole Foods 70% dark chocolate/coffee chocolate bar

DAY 1 (Monday, July 14)
Exercise: 6A City Surf Circuits with an ab focus, taught RPM at 7PM, and walked to meet Fitbit goal

Steps: 10,602

Breakfast: 1 serving 21DSD Moo-less Chocolate Mousse, 1 paleo egg cup (spinach, mushroom, bacon), Iced Venti Unsweetened Americano

Paleo egg cups

Lunch: PaleOMG Spaghetti Squash Casserole (THE BOMB) topped with a 100-calorie pack of Wholly Guacamole, and a container of unsweetened applesauce (this was a mistake on my part because I wasn't thinking when I packed my lunch at 7AM)

You gotttttta make this. Italian Sausage, Spaghetti Squash,  and 21-DSD-compliant pizza sauce, finished with whisked eggs. Most recent variations = addition of chopped mushrooms and quartered artichoke hearts.

Dinner: 2 paleo Egg Cups, steamed vegetables (mix of Carrots, Broccoli, Snap Peas, and Squash from Sprouts) with a drizzle of Coconut Aminos (soy-free soy sauce replacement), 1 serving of spiralized Zucchini Noodles in Avocado Cream ( easy and delicious) with Smoked Salmon, other serving of  21DSD Moo-less Chocolate Mousse

Snack: 1/8 c raw almonds (I can't get myself to eat them anymore), 1 tbsp. Trader Joe's unsweetened creamy almond butter

DAY 2 (Tuesday, July 15)
Exercise: 6P launch (team teach) of RPM 63

Steps: 10,854

Breakfast: 1 paleo egg cup, 1 container unsweetened applesauce (again, oops on poor planning here), unsweetened iced coffee, and 1 tablespoon Trader Joe's unsweetened almond butter

Lunch: 2 paleo egg cups, and a Build-your-own smoothie from Whole Foods: banana, spinach, a little bit of coconut water, kale, unsweetened almond milk, and a packet of Artisana unsweetened almond butter

Dinner: leftover Zucchini Noodle/Avocado cream sauce/Smoked Salmon, 2 pickle spears, 1 tablespoon unsweetened Sunbutter (Read the ingredients carefully. You want "Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds"), 1 green-tipped banana (second of the day, and letting it slide), 1 La Croix can (again, letting this slide), some 21DSD Sunbutter "Brownies"

DAY 3 (Wednesday, July 16)
Exercise: RPM 63 launch: taught it at 6A (and barely made it to class - I overslept!!) and team taught it at 7P

Steps: 12,259

Breakfast: green-tipped banana (sliced, with cinnamon sprinkled on top) with 1 tbsp. Unsweetened Sunbutter, a few small 21DSD Sunbutter "Brownies", unsweetened iced coffee (homemade)

Lunch: Snappy Salads 1/2 snap with vegetables, avocado (they were out of ham, and chicken didn't sound good to me at the time), and salsa for the dressing

Dinner: cauliflower "rice" (my method: food process cauliflower florets, season, heat, and eat, and there are countless other ways to prepare cauli "rice" if you search Pinterest) with some 21-DSD-compliant pizza sauce, leftover PaleOMG Spaghetti Squash Casserole, Sunbutter "Brownies"

Snack: Iced Venti Americano at lunch (I was SLEEPY today, considering I nearly overslept for teaching class!), and a little bit of a homemade smoothie after dinner to keep my insatiable hunger at bay (increased hunger is very common on day three of the detox)

DAY 4 (Thursday, July 17)
Exercise: 6A City Surf Big Kahuna (resistance bands training) and taught RPM at 7P

Steps: 11,511

Breakfast: green-tipped banana with cinnamon and organic unsweetened Sunbutter and 2 paleo egg cups

Lunch: steamed green beans, 2 paleo egg cups and a little bit of cauliflower "rice"

From another day, but this is what cauliflower "rice" looks like. It's orange because you can get orange-colored cauliflower at Whole Foods, and I think that's fun.

I was really hungry, so I also got a Whole Foods Build-Your-Own Smoothie: Banana (letting it slide), unsweetened almond milk, a little coconut water, spinach, and kale

Dinner: leftover PaleOMG spaghetti squash casserole, 3 pickle spears, steamed green beans, a few small Sunbutter Detox "Brownies"

Snack: green-tipped banana + unsweetened sunbutter (oops number 2)

DAY 5 (Friday, July 18)
Exercise: 6A City Surf

Steps: 10,409 (most of this was from walking in circles around my apartment for about half an hour)

Breakfast: green-tipped banana with cinnamon + spoonful unsweetened Sunbutter and an Iced Venti Unsweetened Americano

Lunch: BYO Smoothie from Whole Foods (unsweetened almond milk, a little coconut water, banana - oops!, spinach, and kale. Unsweetened almond butter is available to mix in, and I've started doing that the past few weeks for a tasty, healthy-fat smoothie).

The official STELeb smoothie, which tastes INCREDIBLE

Dinner: HORRIBLE chicken fajitas from Taco Diner (I just ate the grilled chicken, peppers, jalapeno, cilantro, guac, and salsa, and the chicken was just awful. Felt like a Saint for abstaining from the rice and chips and salsa!), followed by Sunbutter "brownies" and a spoonful of unsweetened Sunbutter at home

Snack: packet of Artisana unsweetened almond butter, 2 Detox Sunbutter "Brownies"

DAY 6 (Saturday, July 19)
Exercise: Taught RPM at 9A, ran to City Surf and had an awesome running pace, and saw major improvement in my performance at 11A City Surf Circuits (specifically, on tough planks on the board where your hands are on the ground, your feet are on the board, and you're doing things like a side plank and holding it for 30 seconds, or a 30-second straight plank and picking up a sandbell with one hand and doing a "row" with it. I couldn't nail these a few weeks ago, so I was feeling pretty damn good about myself. Improvement is key! And 30 seconds in this class feel like 3 hours. It's TOUGH, but that's where results live!)

That's me in the front row, ass in the air, 2nd board from the left, in the middle of a "half burpee"

Steps: 14,279

Breakfast: 2 paleo egg cups, leftover steamed green beans (I don't get home until after noon on Saturdays, and I don't eat before teaching, so I just log what I eat in the BFast and Lunch categories, regardless of what or when I ate).

Lunch: 1 serving 21-DSD Moo-less chocolate mousse

Dinner: Village Burger Bar bunless burger with pickles, lettuce, and tomato, and a side of sweet potato fries (Sweet potato is allowed in moderation when you're doing Level 3 and very active, doing HIIT exercises for more than 30 minutes a day, and I do HIIT exercise at least once daily. Homemade sweet potato fries, which are baked, are definitely OK, but this might be a gray area that we're going to let slide), 1 green-tipped banana (oops) and a spoonful of Sunbutter, and leftover Moo-less Mousse

Snack: Iced Venti Unsweetened Americano, 2 tbsp. Organic Unsweetened Sunbutter

Not too terrible, right?

Tonight, I'm making this recipe from Ali at Inspiralized, because I've got a head of cauliflower, eggs, pizza sauce, and 4 zucchini in my fridge that I want to use up. This recipe ties all of those up in a beautiful bow, and I'm excited to give this a try!

The detox doesn't have to temporary and seen as something you just can't wait to be done with, but rather, I think it's a time to do a lot of self-reflection and change deeply ingrained habits.

It's not over yet, and I plan to continue eating pretty close to what I've done over the course of the detox, even on day 22 and beyond. The only difference is that I'll be able to have a little more flexibility here and there, but I have to say, I don't even want some of the things I'd let myself eat before, like self-serve frozen yogurt (my downfall).

Here's to a successful end to the detox, and to making good food and exercise choices that make me feel and look my best, from now until my final days.


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