Friday, September 12, 2014

The best breakfast I'll ever eat

I've made the same breakfast all week, but I'm always so excited to eat it that I miss the opportunity to snap THAT chat.

This morning, I pulled out my phone just before digging in:

What is this?
-2 eggs, beaten, with a shake of cinnamon
-Pour into a pan (I spray mine with Coconut Oil Spray from Trader Joe's)
-Let the eggs cook through and keep as an Omelet shape
-Top with 1 sliced banana and a spoonful of TJ Sunflower Butter (or unsweetened Almond Butter)

Stats, prepared as shown: 
329 calories
27 carbs (23 g from the banana alone)
8g healthy fat (just from the Sunbutter)
17 g protein

If I remember, I like putting a teeny tiny spoonful of chia seeds or flaxseed on top - just because I can.

SOFA king good, and so easy to make. With the cinnamon, it tastes almost pancakey.

Here's to a successful weigh-in tomorrow AM! I'm really hoping that my small changes this week have made somewhat of a difference.

LOWER carb.
LOWER calorie.
MINDFUL eating.
Making calories COUNT. Myfitnesspal tells me to eat 1,580 calories/day (based on my goals and my typical expenditures), and I try to stay within that. I went a little over a few days, but with the amount of calories I burn, and the QUALITY of the calories I eat, I'm not too worried about it.

I'm trying to stay under 150 g carbs/day, with the goal of carbs being no more than 30% of my daily stats (they give you a little graph on myfitnesspal, which is super helpful), and I'm killing it.

I'm 27.5 years old, as of yesterday, and I'm determined to make the last years of my 20s, and then 30s, 40s, etc. my best yet. I'm not doing this for anyone or anything. I just want to create the best/fittest/LEANEST version of me.


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