Friday, October 17, 2014

Gotta get down on Friday: jams for your earholes

Recently, I gave in and bit the bullet and signed up for Spotify unlimited.


I was sick of constantly searching for and buying new music on iTunes, spending God knows how much money on a regular basis, and figured Spotify was a cost-effective way to help keep my playlists fresh, and my runs and workday more fun.

I apparently had a lemon iPhone 5: it NEVER ever connected to my Wifi at home, so I was constantly paying AT&T for data overages.

Enough was enough, and I'm now rocking an iPhone 6 on the TMobile network. It always connects to Wifi without a second thought, leaving me plenty of data to run to Spotify unlimited for however long I want. Money saved. Workouts improved.

Here are 10 things blasting through my earholes now:
1) Clapslap - Original Mix (Rampue)
2) Problem (Natalia Kills)
3) Blame (Calvin Harris, John Newman)
4) Break The Rules (Charli XCX)
5) Left Hand Free (alt-J)
6) Canyon Moon (Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness)
7) Go (Grimes, Blood Diamonds)
8) Stolen Dance (Milky Chance)
9) Feelings (Maroon 5)
10) Five Hours (Don't Hold Me Back) - Radio Edit (Deorro, DyCy)

Want to follow my favorite playlists on Spotify? Click on the links below, and enjoy.

6A before class (I constantly update this one because I get really sick of what I put together for my pre-class jams)

Cooldown (good songs for stretching or general relaxing)

Happy Friday! May your weekend be full of sick tunes and good times.


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